The Tech trend of 2019 we can all be proud of — women-led VC funds 💸

Ann Bordetsky
3 min readDec 18, 2019

Follow the money to see who is shaping the next decade of tech

Hold the coffee, I have something to say.

Today, I opened up my Twitter (ahem, too early in the morning, my kids noticed) to the debut news of two new venture capital funds — Moxxie and Acrew Capital. At which point my neighbors could probably hear me scream WOOHOO from my kitchen, the glee was notable and here’s why.

The most exciting and transformative trend happening in the Tech community right now is a new generation of venture funds — founded, raised and led by experienced, badass women. This wave of Wonder Women will reshape Silicon Valley as we know it.

I know that sounds hyperbolic but it’s hard to overstate the importance of this trend. Because it’s not just a trend. It’s a fundamental shift in the inner workings of Venture Capital relative to the past. It’s absolutely going to change the game because it will impact:

  • Who gets to write the checks and make the investment decisions
  • Who is visible and vocal in the VC community
  • Who is doing the “early picking” of founders and ideas
  • Who controls valuable “relationship capital” to co-invest and pass deal
  • Who LPs have confidence in to deploy $100Ms in capital
  • Who is exalted by founders as the “investors to work with”

The class of female-founded funds that launched this year are setting the tone for the next decade of Silicon Valley and what we put out into the world. And it couldn’t be more inspiring!

Here’s who came on the scene in 2019, in no particular order — these are off the top of my head so call out if I missed anyone:

When Jane VC launched in 2018, it was kinda lonely out there but no more! Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings, the more the merrier.

Did I miss anyone? Please comment below. I’ll add to the list.

And HUGE props to #Angels, pretty sure you inspired everyone on this list.

(P.S. In case not obvious, each of these funds is led by an exceptional individual(s) that have unique superpowers as operators, fund managers, community builders, dealmakers, etc. They are savvy investors and partners to founders. Building a new fund is no easy feat, they are here because they are great at what they do and have a differentiated fund strategy, not because they are women. I can’t believe I still have to explain the difference some times but there you go, just in case).