What I look for in early stage founders (hint, it’s not pedigree!)

More rigorous than the magic 8-ball

When I made the leap from operating into venture earlier this year, I made a commitment to be as transparent as I can about how I operate as a VC.

First off, transparency is what I would offer…

It’s time to embrace talent mixing and domain hopping

I recently joined the venture world and as I go through the entry phase I am reminded once again of the amazing power of context switching in forging connection and collaboration between professional worlds.

(By the way, I’ve had an amazing first few weeks. The NEA team could not be…

This year, SIGH.

This crazy insane 2020. A relentless barrage of maddening news, hyperbolic reactions and a rollercoaster of personal and societal events. Just sucking up all that perfectly good emotional energy, optimism and sanity.

Where to escape from the noise? Books!

At some point this year, I had to…

We watched. We listened. We started the conversation. Now what…

I cannot even begin to summarize this moment. My heart is breaking and my rage is brewing for the violent, dehumanizing, and deeply unfair reality that black Americans face. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Period.

I know many of you are reflecting…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Perspective shift.

It’s a strange thing that’s crept in over the last 40 days of this contained existence. As life has been stripped down to its essentials, I’m finding myself seeing and noticing more of what this daily life has to offer.

I sit here on a weekday with my…

Ann Bordetsky

Investor, Board Director, former Tech COO and Business Development Exec. Hypewoman for Female Founders & Funds. Glass 3/4 Full. My personal views only.

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