What I look for in early stage founders (hint, it’s not pedigree!)

More rigorous than the magic 8-ball

When I made the leap from operating into venture earlier this year, I made a commitment to be as transparent as I can about how I operate as a VC.

First off, transparency is what I would offer if I were still an exec. I’m an open book when it comes to how I make decisions, how I hire, what I expect from my team, etc. I try to own and communicate my side of the equation.

More importantly, founders deserve transparency! After all, it’s what we ask…

It’s time to embrace talent mixing and domain hopping

I recently joined the venture world and as I go through the entry phase I am reminded once again of the amazing power of context switching in forging connection and collaboration between professional worlds.

(By the way, I’ve had an amazing first few weeks. The NEA team could not be more kind, collaborative and inspiring. This isn’t commentary on VC per se but a reflection on the importance of all manner of interdisciplinary careers.)

Me, right now in venture. The beginning of the beginning.

Starting at any new organization, big or small, is an assimilation process. …

If I could pick a week in which to start off a new chapter, I couldn’t imagine one better than the historic week we just lived through in America. With the inauguration of President Biden and our first woman Vice President, we opened a new page in our collective history and I couldn’t be more optimistic.

This backdrop is a poignant reminder that we can create the world we want to live in. It’s also a humbling one, as we consider the challenges ahead and the opportunity for Tech as a community of innovators, investors and instigators to step up…

This year, SIGH.

This crazy insane 2020. A relentless barrage of maddening news, hyperbolic reactions and a rollercoaster of personal and societal events. Just sucking up all that perfectly good emotional energy, optimism and sanity.

Where to escape from the noise? Books!

At some point this year, I had to intentionally turn off Twitter and get my brain out of that pavlovian reaction mode. And it’s been wonderful!

Book after book, just picking up new reads out of curiosity and seeing where it takes me. Catching up on some oldies (finally!) and diving into notable newly published books. They’ve each…

We watched. We listened. We started the conversation. Now what…

I cannot even begin to summarize this moment. My heart is breaking and my rage is brewing for the violent, dehumanizing, and deeply unfair reality that black Americans face. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Period.

I know many of you are reflecting and strategizing, figuring out what “being part of the solution” means. As a Tech community, I want us to still be working the problem after the adrenaline rush fades. That’s when the real work begins, that’s where the impact happens. …

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Perspective shift.

It’s a strange thing that’s crept in over the last 40 days of this contained existence. As life has been stripped down to its essentials, I’m finding myself seeing and noticing more of what this daily life has to offer.

I sit here on a weekday with my 5-year old daughter, perched at the top of our hilly, weedy yard (that we used to be too busy to visit) looking out at a slice of Silicon Valley. It’s peaceful and breathtaking. No place to rush to in traffic. The sky is crystal clear with no smog and it’s…

Follow the money to see who is shaping the next decade of tech

Hold the coffee, I have something to say.

Today, I opened up my Twitter (ahem, too early in the morning, my kids noticed) to the debut news of two new venture capital funds — Moxxie and Acrew Capital. At which point my neighbors could probably hear me scream WOOHOO from my kitchen, the glee was notable and here’s why.

The most exciting and transformative trend happening in the Tech community right now is a new generation of venture funds — founded, raised and led by experienced, badass…

What we’re doing to change the game for visionary female founders

A few weeks ago the AllRaise Summit invite hit my inbox for the second annual event. It was like someone holding up a billboard sign saying: “Hey there, did you forget something important?” Uh-huh.

Last year the AllRaise Summit coincided with the debut of Jane VC, so it’s our 1 YEAR anniversary of launching a fund for visionary female tech founders.

Wow, what a year it’s been!

When we launched Jane VC, we picked up the sword on a really tough and important problem. Only 3% of venture capital…

At Rival we are building a technology platform to transform the $200B live event and ticketing industry, bringing world-class business tools to operate live events, putting fans first in line to connect with their favorite teams and artists, and make the experience safer for all. Rival is an innovation engine for an industry that hasn’t seen much of it in 20 years, so we are laser focused on building product and empowering our clients with new commerce tools.

Yet the joy of building new companies is about so much more than product. After all, products don’t build themselves, people do…

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

If you’re starting a company today, you have incredible off-the-shelf tools for just about everything you need to build. We’ve productized the building blocks of software applications with endless APIs, SDKs and developer services. We’ve productized the building blocks of commerce with payments, shipping, marketing APIs. We’ve even productized “work” into productivity and workflow management tools (e.g. Slack, Asana, Airtable, etc).

The list could go on and on. You need something? There’s an API for that.

And yet for the foundational element of quickly building, scaling and optimizing a company — People Operations — there’s barely any great products out…

Ann Bordetsky

Thirsty for knowledge, big on impact. Glass 3/4 Full. COO & Biz Dev Exec. Rival, Uber, Twitter alum, angel investor, advisor @January_VC

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